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My Favorite Android Apps for San Francisco, California  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: San Francisco is a great city! I've never lived there but I have tons of friends there and take a trip there a few times a year. Here are some great apps that help me enjoy the city!
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. San Francisco Travel Guide
    San Francisco Travel Guide This is as good as any guide book, with background info, sites, restaurants, nightlife, little day trip suggestions, and offfline map capability. The labels for the landmarks are a little large, making it difficult to see on the map where they actually are.
  2. SF Weather
    SF Weather This weather app is particularly tuned to the microclimates that exist in SF. It's powered by Weather Underground and is a great app for SF weather - breaking SF down into 18 different neighborhoods. Wish you could zoom though!
  3. StairwayWalks in San Francisco
    StairwayWalks in San Francisco This app costs $4.99 but it's worth it. It contains 26 GPS guided walking yours of San Francisco. It would be better if it contained more info, but it's still cool to know what you're seeing and get some exercise at the same time.
  4. SFWay Everything San Francisco
    SFWay Everything San Francisco This free app is a great guidebook for San Francisco with weather, traffic, wifi hotspot locations, tourist attractions, deals, free stuff, coffee, dining, nightlife... and much more. It is VERY comprehensive. However, it doesn't seem to contain enough info in many of the sections yet - still in progress.
  5. San Francisco
    San Francisco This is a compass from Lonely Planet that maps lodging, restaurants, activities, shopping and more. It uses GPS to display them on a map - or you can look at them using augmented reality.
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