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My Favorite Android Apps for San Diego, California  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: I lived in San Diego for a few years - here are the apps I think are most useful for the city.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. San Diego MTS: AnyStop
    San Diego MTS: AnyStop It takes some setting up (choosing your favorite stops and lines) - but once it's done this app has great info on the San Diego bus routes and lines and times of arrival. You can use GPS to find the closest stops to you.
  2. CBS 8 San Diego News
    CBS 8 San Diego News This has all the local San Diego news as well as some international and national news. Also has sports, weather, and video. No FB or Twitter sharing.
  3. San Diego Breweries
    San Diego Breweries An impressive selection of San Diego craft breweries shown as map markers. You can plan a brewery crawl, view details about the breweries, and it uses maps to get you around so GPS enabled. Useful!
  4. San Diego Symphony
    San Diego Symphony This free app lets you have easy access to the San Diego Symphony. It has music, events info, videos, and more!
  5. San Diego Photos
    San Diego Photos A selection of beautiful color photos of San Diego that can be shared with friends or used as wallpaper.
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