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Apps to use from morning to evening   by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Here are a list of apps that you can use daily from the moment you wake up all the way to bedtime. Starting with your alarm clock all the way to music putting you to sleep at night
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. Better Alarm Clock
    Better Alarm Clock Start your day by waking up to an alarm. You can have your clock be a widget, digital or analog. You can pick your own music to wake up to. If you aren't a morning person and always want to hit snooze (or throw your alarm against the wall) you can easily just flip your phone over and you can get your 5min extra of sleep.
  2. Breakfast Recipes
    Breakfast Recipes Use this app to get some yummy ideas to make for breakfast. It has everything from eggs to pancakes to coffee
  3. Grooveshark
    Grooveshark Listen to music on the way to work or while working. You have access to just about any song you can imagine on here. Create your playlist and your set for the day
  4. Lunch Locator
    Lunch Locator Put in where you are at and find different locations you can go out to lunch. Simple as that!
  5. Book Catalogue
    Book Catalogue Feel like reading on your way home? (for those of you who don't drive of course!) here is an app that has thousands of books you can pick from that could make your commute a bit faster to get home.
  6. What's for Dinner? Recipes
    What's for Dinner? Recipes This is a mini recipe book to use in the kitchen or take with you to the grocery store. You can also access all the well known food websites like the food network.
  7. Relax and Sleep
    Relax and Sleep This app allows you to choose from over 35 ambient sounds like white noise. You can preset the noises you want to fall asleep to and put on a sleep timer.
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