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Snap it, share it: Android's best social photo sharing apps  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: Location-based check-in apps like Gowalla and Foursquare have features for snapping a photo, but they're not the greatest for making that photo look its best before you share it with everyone you know. Apple users are falling head over heels for Instagram, but you've got your own set of options on Android to make those pics look special before sending them out into the world.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. Vignette・Photo effects
    Vignette・Photo effects This app comes in a free demo, but the paid version gives you great upgrades (higher resolution, for one) and is definitely the best photo app on my phone. I can apply dozens of filters and frames to my snaps before a quick and easy share to my social sites.
  2. Lightbox Photos
    Lightbox Photos Lightbox Photos is a step down from Vignette in terms of special effects - but it's FREE, and a wonderfully capable app on its own. You don't have quite as many options for filters and such, but Lightbox Photos is a truly social app, letting you post photos to a public wall, one-click share on Facebook and Twitter, and aggregating photos your friends choose to share.
  3. PicSay - Photo Editor
    PicSay - Photo Editor PicSay makes your photos talk. Add captions and speech bubbles to make your friends say something perhaps mildly embarrassing before sharing those pics with your social circle.
  4. picplz
    picplz I like picplz as an alternative to Foursquare now - no bother about badges and mayorship, just snap where you are, locate on your GPS, and feed it on to Twitter and Facebook. It doesn't have editing features, but this one is simple and to the point for social photo sharing.
  5. Postagram Postcards
    Postagram Postcards Postagram thumbs its nose at the insta-share and makes photo sharing more personal. The app itself is free. Take and tweak your photo using any of the photo apps on your phone (like Vignette!), then for 99 cents each you can send that photo as a physical postcard in the U.S. Mail. You can type in your own message, select an address, and away it goes. Unique, and especially fun for travel.



Good list. Any reason Path or VisR aren't on there?

Path and VisR are my favorite apps. Path because it lets you do all the things picplz etc does along with share photos to selective people.

VisR because it organizes photos by events so i can s check them out anytime i want and I can also post them to Facebook etc.

Associated Apps:  VisR - A Smart Photo Gallery

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I've actually never tried those apps so I didn't list them... but I'll take a look! They sound pretty sweet.

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