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Summer BBQ List  by diablolita

diablolita says: These are the best Android apps for helping you have the perfect summer BBQ.
diablolita's picks
  1. BBQ Planner
    BBQ Planner This app is $0.99 and has everything you need to plan a BBQ - over 260 items you can check/uncheck or reuse from BBQ to BBQ. You can also add items, edit items, and further customize your list. Has it all covered.
  2. BBQ Recipes
    BBQ Recipes 20 classic BBQ recipes for US$1.99 - text only - the recipes are dead on.
  3. BBQ Recipes 2
    BBQ Recipes 2 30 more classic BBQ recipes for US$1.99. Text only, but they're easy to follow.
  4. Steak Timer
    Steak Timer This free timer helps you estimate the time it will take to BBQ steaks on the grill and times it for you.
  5. iCooking Barbecue
    iCooking Barbecue This app costs $0.99 and has a nice selection of BBQ recipes. You can also add your own recipes and share with friends and family.
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