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The best Android Apps for Mushroom Hunting  by diablolita

diablolita says: When I lived in Northern California I got into foraging and wild food. It turns out there's a lot of edible things around! Mushroom hunting is one of my favorite activities because of the lovely variety. Here are some apps I've used to help
diablolita's picks
  1. Roger Phillips Mushrooms
    Roger Phillips Mushrooms This app is ~$4.03 and is a mushroom field guide around the research of Roger Phillips. It has 1500 species of mushrooms and photos and descriptive information about each variety. Recommend.
  2. The Mushroom Navigator
    The Mushroom Navigator This is for mushroom and berry pickers - has built in species and ways to track your finds in the wild and tag various locations. Missing some species though, would be nice if you could add them.
  3. Audubon Mushrooms
    Audubon Mushrooms For US$9.99 you can have the ultimate guide to North American mushrooms and other fungi. It covers over 500 common species of mushrooms with photos, details, and tons of search tools. Also has built in tracking for sightings. Recommend.
  4. Trackeen Mushroom Edition
    Trackeen Mushroom Edition This app is ~US$3.52 and is custom built for tracking wild mushroom picking. Save locations, and enter info about the mushroom (database contains 50 species).
  5. Project Noah
    Project Noah This app is for tracking nature info using citizen participation. It has multiple functions - you can learn more about natural phenomena and animals you find interesting, submit to the database, help with "field missions" and more. Great way of getting further involved in a nature-oriented community.
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