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The truth about cats and dogs  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: Are you a pet owner? Animal lover? Thinking about becoming a pet parent? These apps can help you with your furry friends.
jelagasse's picks
  1. Caring for Your Cat
    Caring for Your Cat This app is helpful for those who are first time/inexperienced kitty parents. It's packed full of useful information to help you understand and take care of your feline friend.
  2. Pet Master Free
    Pet Master Free Keep all your pet's important medical info in one easy place, and eliminate stacks of paper in the process. You can also input upcoming vet visits.
  3. Pet First Aid
    Pet First Aid I hope you'll never have to use this app, but its full of useful information to help you care for your pets in times of emergency. Videos and clear instructions walk you through everything from changing a bandage to performing CPR
  4. Dog Whistle Lite
    Dog Whistle Lite I haven't had a chance to use this very much in the presence of an actual pooch, but its supposed to mimic the high pitched whistles that are pretty effective in curtailing some bad doggy behaviors. Once I get more opportunities to see how doggies react to it, I'll post a more thorough review.
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