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NIce day for a white wedding . . .   by jelagasse

jelagasse says: I'm about to head out to Michigan for my third wedding in as many months, so I have weddings on the brain. Here are some apps for the happily engaged to help you on your way down the aisle.
jelagasse's picks
  1. Wedding Planning
    Wedding Planning This app is a one stop shop in terms of helping you manage most of the "biggies"-invitations, budgeting, the neverending to do lists, and it's free to boot!
  2. Wedding Countdown
    Wedding Countdown Not only does this app let you have a personal countodwn to the big day, it even lets you decide the unit of measure. Want to know the number of heartbeats between you and your special day? Done!
  3. SoundHound Music Search
    SoundHound Music Search Story time! I have a pair of engaged friends who are so different in their musical tastes that it started to seem improbable that a first dance would happen at all. Then a miracle happened! There was one song they could both hum the melody to and (sort of) agree on. But when none of us could remember the name or who the artist was, disaster seemed imminent. Until we hummed it into my phone and soundhound came to the rescue. (if you're curious, the song was "lovesong" by the cure). I have no doubt this app can also come in handy for brides and grooms trying to build their reception playlists.
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