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Best of Guns and Bullets  by droidbot1000

droidbot1000 says: If you love guns and bullets, then these apps are for you! Enjoy!
droidbot1000's picks
  1. BulletTime
    BulletTime This is a game of reflex. When the bullet fires, you must tap the screen to avoid being shot. It gives your response time, so you can keep improving. Recommend!
  2. Russian Roulette for Android
    Russian Roulette for Android I've had the most fun playing this game with other friends who have Android phones. We aim our phones at each other and hope our luck does not run out. The rule is that when you get shot, then you must do a shot or a dare. Fun. Great for college kids!
  3. Clay pigeon shooting
    Clay pigeon shooting A fun shooting game. Shoot the clay pigeon when it's range of the target.
  4. Sperm Shooter
    Sperm Shooter Shoot the sperm before it reaches the egg. I downloaded this app because I knew it would be funny and it is!
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