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Top 5 Flight Trackers  by diablolita

diablolita says: Myself and my friends lead the jet set lifestyle. I'm always at the airport picking up or dropping off someone - or leaving or arriving myself. I spend way less time in the cell phone waiting lot and in the airport itself due to these apps.
diablolita's picks
  1. FlightView Free Flight Tracker
    FlightView Free Flight Tracker This flight tracker tracks all flights from major airlines where arrival or departure is in North America. Also has a national delay map with weather. Easy to use - but not always accurate.
  2. FlightStats for Android
    FlightStats for Android This is the best flight tracker for Android. It costs US$4.99 and has automatic flight status updates. It works offline, has global data, allows sharing of trips, and will display info in a widget. Recommend!
  3. FlightTrack
    FlightTrack This app costs US$5.99 and is a great flight tracker with over 400 airports and 1400 airlines. Has full international coverage, allows sharing, has widget, and has zoomable flight maps, weather, radar, and even info about the flight's speed, altitude, and more.
  4. FlightBoard
    FlightBoard This shows you the arrival/departures board (using the old school Charles De Gaulle board so it has a nice look to it) for over 4000 airports and 1400 airlines worldwide. Updated every 4 minutes, and you can narrow results and look up individual flights.
  5. Air Traffic Control Status USL
    Air Traffic Control Status USL This is a widget designed for pilots, flight attendants and frequent fliers to want a real time rotating display of US air traffic control delays, ground stops, closures, and more.
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