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My Favorite Android Apps for Paris, France  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: J'aime La Paris! I have studied French for five years and am gearing up for my first trip to Paris. Very excited! Here are some apps I'm using for trip planning.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Paris Photos
    Paris Photos I am ready to go to Paris! This slide show can give you a taste of the city's beauty. Over 100 full-color photos you can share with others via FB or gmail or set as your wallpaper or just look at for a taste of Paris.
  2. Paris Compass
    Paris Compass Tis $.99 app from Lonely Planet displays restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife venues, museums, shopping and more on a map - and you can also use augmented reality to sow you exactly where the places are and how far away they are. Each entry contains a Lonely Planet review. Useful!
  3. Paris Walks
    Paris Walks Paris is a beautiful city to see on foot and this app can help. It's $3.99 and contains eight GPS-guided walking tours of Paris.
  4. Paris Doctors
    Paris Doctors This free app helps you quickly make a doctor's appointment in Paris with a variety of different kinds of specialists and doctors.
  5. TransParis: Paris transports
    TransParis: Paris transports This free app gives real time schedules of public transportation in Paris including the Metro, Tranways, Buses, and more. Great info - but sometimes the searches don't lead to anything - also you can't search by stop, only by line.



Hi. Are you sure that your Droid will work in Paris? I have a first generation Motorola Droid, and I've been told that because of a conflict with some French ISPs, the Droid is blocked from accessing the internet when outdoors. I don't know if this explanation is correct, but I can tell you that I spend every summer in Paris and for the past two summers, I have never been able to connect to the internet if outdoors (there is freely accessible internet throughout the city, and in most parks, and I can always connect with my laptop). I can connect when inside my apartment, though, so I know it's a problem with outdoor access. If you are able to use your Droid when you get to Paris, I'll be happy to hear that. Good luck.

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