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Best eReader Apps RE-Reviewed for Tablet Users  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: I did a list on eReader apps last year, checking out how they worked on my Android phone. It feels so different to use them on a 7" tablet! Of course the screen size makes a big change, but some of the apps have also had great updates, making them a lot more user-friendly. Will my handy REAL eReader ever go in the trash? Probably not, but these apps on my new tablet are a major improvement over using them on my phone.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines
    NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines Wow, has this app improved or what? All the new color options (I like Butter and Sepia) make the typical backlight eyestrain complaint a non-issue. It's quick to sync and load. My only complaint is that it looks kind of crummy in landscape mode - I wish it could do the single-page look that way as opposed to making it look like two pages. You lose content space and have to turn the page more that way. And I'm way too lazy for that.
  2. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle Aside from not having a color scheme called Butter, the Kindle app is still pretty much right on level with the Nook app. BUT - and this matters to me - it has single-page landscape mode. Of course, you still can't sideload things to read in this lovely app (boo, Amazon), but it's overall a fine app for reading on a tablet.
  3. Aldiko Book Reader
    Aldiko Book Reader This is where you sideload! It's still pretty bare-bones (only 2 color options, day and night), but Aldiko was never about bells and whistles and DRM files. Still, the addition of margin-size control is a nice new touch and makes your book-sized tablet feel more like a book. But with only day and night color choices, I did feel a bit more eyestrain than reading on the comparatively softer colors of the Kindle and Nook apps.
  4. Google Play Books
    Google Play Books So far behind it makes me sad. I do love my free books, but with no landscape mode, only 2 color choices, and a frankly boring design, Google Books is probably best left on your phone and off your tablet. You can make better use of your new big screen as an eReader with the apps above.
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