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Kid Entertainment Apps for Summer  by droidbot1000

droidbot1000 says: Is it summer where you live? Do you have kids? Then, you will love these apps!
droidbot1000's picks
  1. Professions Memory Cards
    Professions Memory Cards What do you want to be when you grow up? This memory card game has a ton of excellent ideas. Great for kids 2-8!
  2. Transformers Soundboard
    Transformers Soundboard Snippets from the old-skool Transformers cartoon. What could be better?
  3. Transformers Jigsaw Puzzle
    Transformers Jigsaw Puzzle All of the major Transformer characters are included. In the settings you can modify how many pieces you want the puzzle to be and turn the music on and off. Lastly, it times how long it takes for you to complete the puzzle.
  4. Touchnote
    Touchnote Both the website and this App are awesome. I'm sorry I didn't find them sooner. It's simple. Make a postcard and write a message. You can even include a map! Then, send! Yes send it via REAL MAIL. For $1.50/$1.75, you can't do much better than that. Highly Recommend!
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