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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Customization Apps  by LadyX

LadyX says: I am a modder and love changing things up on my phone. Here are a few apps I've found that are compatible with the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I'm using.
LadyX's picks
  1. ADWLauncher EX
    ADWLauncher EX This app is hands down amazing. Customize every aspect of your Android "home screen." Take a look at my review here:
  2. Kodama Live wallpaper
    Kodama Live wallpaper I love creepy things and this is both cute and creepy. I also love that this live wallpaper doesn't drain your battery! Take a look at my review:
  3. Fancy Widget Pro
    Fancy Widget Pro Great home screen widgets! I use the Smaller Home Screen widget and have my clock and weather icons skinned.
  4. Beautiful Widgets Pro
    Beautiful Widgets Pro Similar to Fancy Widget Pro this app also has quite a few different widget types to choose from that are also skin-able.
  5. Agenda Widget Plus
    Agenda Widget Plus Without a calendar reminding me what I had to do I would probably forget half of my daily tasks. This widget keeps me in line. Take a look at my review:
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