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Convenient Car Apps.  by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Here are some useful everyday apps you could use on your car
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. Zipcar
    Zipcar With the zipcar app you can find and book a car through your phone. You can view what location is the closest to you and what cars are available. The app allows you to use your phone as your key to get in and out as well.
  2. Car Home Ultra
    Car Home Ultra This app can make your phone easier and safer to use while in the car. Here are the features: - Speedometer - Compass - Current Weather Conditions - Current Location - 18 Shortcuts - Location alerts - Custom Day/Night color schemes - Auto switch between Day/Night based on Sunset and Sunrise - Set to speaker phone mode when docked - Starts CarHome when bluetooth connection is detected - Auto Bluetooth on with Car Mode - Auto Bluetooth off when exiting Car Mode - Auto Wifi on/off with Car Mode (optional) - Displays speed in KPH or MPH - Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  3. Parkdroid
    Parkdroid The parkdroid app will help you find your parked car with GPS and digital compass. You can save the parked car location and it will help you find it with GPS. You can also find new parking areas on the map and extend parking map of your city.
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