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Must Have Apps for Music Lovers  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: Music is one of the few necessities that I would need in order to survive without losing my mind, and with that said, if I was ever deserted on an island with nothing but my android, these apps would definitely help me stay sane.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Pandora® Radio
    Pandora® Radio This App has introduced me to almost as many songs I've never heard than other people have, which is amazing considering the size of my library. I'm slowly becoming addicted to hearing tons of new music everyday and I fear that the end is almost near because I'm starting to hear repeats of songs I've heard before
  2. SoundHound Music Search
    SoundHound Music Search I always awaited the day something like this would come into existence so when I realized what this App was, it didn't seem real. I used to always try to find out what songs I heard on the radio were called and then they made a website for that exact purpose so it's rare that I'll only remember the melody to a song, but when that's the case, this App is awesome
  3. Google Play Music
    Google Play Music For someone like me who has thousands of songs and not so much room on my itouch for more of them, compiling an online library that syncs to my phone is an amazing invention that I've been utilizing more and more lately
  4. Shazam
    Shazam This social music sharing app allows me to share music with my friends through facebook and twitter, view show dates and info for tagged artists, buy tracks straight from Amazon and even read reviews and song lyrics
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