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Headline News  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: I'm a news junkie whose addiction has only been increased by the purchase of my droid. These are just a few of the apps I use to keep myself plugged in on the go.
jelagasse's picks
  1. BBC News
    BBC News The BBC has been my go to for reliable world reporting (and even more so now that I have to pay for my NYTimes fix). The app is great. I've had a few hiccups when attempting to stream, but that's it.
  2. NPR
    NPR When I feel like listening to my news instead of reading it, I simply tune into my local NPR station with this handy app. It's great for when I'm walking to the subway, or chilling in the park.
  3. CNN Breaking US & World News
    CNN Breaking US & World News If I had to describe this app in one word, it would be shiny (as in "oooo! shiny!"). It's updated frequently, and is loaded with awesome features.
  4. Onion News Network
    Onion News Network When the real news gets too depressing, run to this super complete archive of hilarity from everyone's favorite fake news network, the Onion. This app can be a little touchy in playback mode, but in general I've had very few problems. And the hilarity is totally worth the wait!
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