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Give my regards to broadway  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: In honor of my upcoming trip to see "Book of Mormon" (and also because I'm a theatre practitioner and giant theatre nerd), here is an app list dedicated to the great white way.
jelagasse's picks
  1. This app will keep you in the loop and up to date on all the latest news on everything from broadway, to off broadway, to regional shows. It's a handy little reference.
  2. tkts
    tkts The one thing I hate about broadway is that it's seriously expensive. But TKTS eases the sticker shock with often deep discounts to awesome shows. Case in point: I saw a wednesday evening performance of "American Idiot" with Billy Joel Armstrong from the 8th row for a little over $60. Awesome.
  3. Playwright Quotes
    Playwright Quotes Let's take a moment to appreciate the wordsmiths without whom no theater would be possible. I love this quote generator because, unsurprisingly, playwrights tend to have some pretty interesting things to say.
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