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Tablet Productivity Apps  by LadyX

LadyX says: I love apps that make my life easier, and I love my new Galaxy Tab 10.1!
LadyX's picks
  1. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse Have you ever wanted to feel like the Matrix’s Architect with all of those screens keeping an eye on everything? This app is the Architects news feed app!
  2. Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite
    Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite Open MS files - word, excel, and powerpoint - on your Android device. This is super handy on my tablet for working on reports.
  3. Quickoffice Pro HD
    Quickoffice Pro HD View, make and edit MS documents. This app had the added perk to be able to open remote cloud locations!! GoogleDocs, Dropbox, box, huddle, SugarSync and MobileMe!
  4. Splashtop Remote Desktop
    Splashtop Remote Desktop While the HD version of this app still doesn't work properly for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 this version works pretty well. Basically it's a remote desktop like application for when you're on the same Wifi network.
  5. GTasks: Todo List & Task List
    GTasks: Todo List & Task List This app fills all my list making needs. It syncs with my gmail account which is very useful. That way when I'm checking my email I can open my "tasks" and see what things still needs to be done without having to look on my phone. That being said I can also look at, create, add and check off items and task lists on my phone as well.
  6. Mindjet Maps for Android
    Mindjet Maps for Android A nerdy whiteboard application. Map flows and ideas. Can't wait to start using this app at work!
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