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Yoga for beginnners  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: I have been practicing yoga for many years and am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge and to share my yoga knowledge with others that is why I chose these basic yoga apps.
Mandroid3's picks
  1. Easy Yoga Lite
    Easy Yoga Lite This app offers an introduction to yoga with 20 poses, brief descriptions and benefits of each and pictures of how to enter the pose so anyone new to yoga can practice.
  2. Pure Yoga
    Pure Yoga This yoga app offers yoga for dummies, a 20 minute routine of live video along with clear instructions which are all quite useful for a beginning yoga practice.
  3. Yoga Exercises
    Yoga Exercises This app lists yoga poses by specific body parts you want to focus on with detailed instructions plus a list of benefits for each pose which are all useful to someone new to yoga.
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