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Top 5 New York City News Apps for Android  by diablolita

diablolita says: I like to keep up on the latest local news when I'm in NYC because there is a lot of it!
diablolita's picks
  1. New York Daily News
    New York Daily News This free news app is from the NYDN. Get headlines, politics, gossip, and more with an emphasis on sports news. A lot of force closing makes this app a little annoying - but a great app for local sports news.
  2. This is the Fox News app for NYC and the tristate region. News, traffic, sports, entertainment, weather. The app only displays a few stories to you at a time so good if you are on the go but not so great if you are looking for more breadth and depth.
  3. Newspapers USA
    Newspapers USA This app gives you access to dozens of newspapers and magazines in the US - INCLUDING the New York Post and the New York Times.
  4. NYTimes – Latest News
    NYTimes – Latest News This free app from the New York times lets you have the Top News section for free - and access to the full paper if you subscribe. Blogs, videos, slide sows and more - available for offline or online reading. Share articles via SMS, FB, gmail, etc. Excellent app, recommend!
  5. 7Online - New York News & More
    7Online - New York News & More This is the ABC News app for New York City. Contains maps of the city, weather (with maps), sports, flight tracker, horoscopes, lottery results, local gas prices, movie times, video, slideshows, and more!



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