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My Favorite Android Apps for Houson, Texas.  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: Texas is a force of nature. It's the most American of American states. Houston is an amazing, underappreciated, highly international city with culture, fun, outdoor activities, and great shopping and dining. Here are some apps I use to get around.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. ABC13 - Houston News & More
    ABC13 - Houston News & More Free ABC News app for Houston including local and national news, sports, video, weather, flight tracker, horoscopes, movie times, and lots more. App freezes up a lot.
  2. KHOU 11 News Houston
    KHOU 11 News Houston good free Houston local news, weather, traffic and sports app. It's good to have my favorite Houston station with me on the go. Force closes too much.
  3. MyFoxHouston FOX 26 News
    MyFoxHouston FOX 26 News This is the Fox News app for Houston. This free app has a shiny, easy to use UI and has local weather and traffic including maps and cams. Doesn't let you share via Facebook which is annoying.
  4. Houston Cigar Smoke Guide-A1X
    Houston Cigar Smoke Guide-A1X A guide to Houston cigar bars, smoke spots, and cigar-friendly places. Can be a fun way to meet other cigar people. It costs 99 cents though - not worth it unless you are really into cigars.
  5. Find Goodwill Houston
    Find Goodwill Houston This free app helps you find a local Houston Goodwill store and/or donation center. You can search by GPS or by entering a zip code. Has other features to make donating to Goodwill easier and also has sharing. Useful!
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