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My Favorite Android Apps for Honolulu, Hawaii  by JennyMurphy88

JennyMurphy88 says: The Hawaiian islands are paradise - and Honolulu is the gateway to any number of beautiful locations in south Pacific. Love the diversity of the city -and it's where our president grew up!
JennyMurphy88's picks
  1. Travel Hawaii
    Travel Hawaii This app costs US$9.99 - and is great if you are going to spend time on more than one of the Hawaiian islands. It is a fully illustrated guide book for all of Hawaii.. Complete with Hawaiian phrasebook, maps, detailed history, customs and culture, laws, and all the travel stuff (hotels, camping, beaches, restaurants, shopping, things to do, and more). Very Useful!
  2. Hawaii News Now
    Hawaii News Now Not the best if you want national news - but if you are really looking for Hawaii news this app is great. IT has local events, news, weather, sports, and a flight tracker as well as horoscopes, local cheap gas prices, movie showtimes, and more. Simple UI.
  3. Hawaii Aloha
    Hawaii Aloha This free app is a guidebook to Hawaii from a local perspective. It goes beyond the internet and gives deep history and background of Hawaii. It will help you see Honolulu with new eyes and enrich your experiences there. Useful.
  4. Oahu Hawaii
    Oahu Hawaii This is a simple free travel guide for the island of Oahu. It's got an island tour, activities, and guidebook info for popular areas of the island. Could include more info.
  5. Oahu Manual
    Oahu Manual For $1.99 I would expect a little more. It's a standard guidebook for the island of Oahu - activities, food, lodging, sights, tips, phonebook, maps. Definitely could use more info, deals, etc.
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