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Best Apps for Learning French  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: I took 3 years of french but I've forgotten nearly everything that I learned. I looked toward the App store to replenish my knowledge and I wasn't disappointed.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Littre French dictionary
    Littre French dictionary This App comes quite handy when you're trying to say something without sounding ridiculous, to someone else who speaks french
  2. French Newspapers
    French Newspapers I've always found it helpful for me to try and read articles in french because even if I'm not getting every word right, I'm forced to recall all the grammar work I did to understand what the gist of an article is
  3. French Verbs
    French Verbs With over 650 french verbs, I can skim through them and review all the ones I remember as well as learning some new ones on the way.
  4. Speak French
    Speak French this App is great for anyone going to France who has no education in french but wants to be able to say basic phrases and sayings so you don't end up sounding tremendously silly
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