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Participate in your own medical treatment  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: I believe in being an active participant in what's going on with my body so I like being able to access information on how to prevent illness and medical treatment, diagnosis, etc once something is askew.
Mandroid3's picks
  1. First Aid
    First Aid It's like having a CPR check list with you in case of emergency instead of having to remember all the points from the last course you took.
  2. WebMD for Android
    WebMD for Android This comprehensive app allows me to access emergency medical information and gives diagnostic tools if I am unsure what the problem is.
  3. Human Body Facts
    Human Body Facts This app provides fun facts about our bodies for my own information and to share with friends
  4. Vitamins & Minerals
    Vitamins & Minerals I am able to diagnose whether I need to add a wider variety of foods to my diet and/or take vitamins and supplements to get the best nutrition.
  5. iTriage Health
    iTriage Health The app offers a comprehensive self help search tool in the world of medicine.
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