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The Dr. is in!  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: These apps will help you take care of all the medical needs of you and yours.
jelagasse's picks
  1. iTriage Health
    iTriage Health While nothing can replace the advice of an actual doctor, the expansive symptom reference included in this app can help you figure out how quickly you might need to get yourself to one. It also functions as a gps enabled doctor/hospital/urgent care/pharmacy finder to get you where you need to go.
  2. Pocket First Aid & CPR
    Pocket First Aid & CPR I've been through the red cross certification process for these topics, but I've so rarely had to use what I learned that it gets rusty. The instructions in this app are super clear, so whether you're certified or not, it could really help in case of emergency.
  3. First Aid Checklist
    First Aid Checklist I prefer to make my own first aid kits, and with this app, you can customize the list of materials you need in order to be prepared for any type of trip.
  4. Army Survival Guide
    Army Survival Guide If you're out in the middle of the wilderness with no immediate way to contact help, this app could be invaluable in helping to manage a medical emergency until help can be reached. Besides medical info, it's also packed with lots of interesting info for the more adventurous/nature minded folk out there.
  5. Pet First Aid
    Pet First Aid Let us not forget the furry members of the family, because (as any pet owner knows) pet emergencies can be just as scary as people emergencies. This app has lots of great info to help you care for your four legged friend if you find yourself in an emergency.
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