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My top Google apps  by LadyX

LadyX says: I think that sometimes the apps that come pre-installed on our Android devices get overlooked and don't get credit for being as awesome as they really are. I've made this app to shine a little light on those core apps.
LadyX's picks
  1. Gmail
    Gmail I love gmail. I've had a lot of "free" email accounts through out the years and by far gmail has been the best to me. The "storage size limit" is really hard to reach if you're using it for personal use and it's easy to search and reply to emails in a streamlined conversation format. This app delivers everything that the web version of this service does.
  2. Maps
    Maps I would be lost without this app - literally. Google maps integrates in with Navigation with my HTC EVO and delivers an easy to use GPS Navigation and will also help me find that restaurants phone number so I can call and make a reservation.
  3. Google Voice
    Google Voice I loved my sprint VVM but I didn't like that I didn't get to save off my voicemails if I really wanted to save one. Google Voice allows me to do just that as well as transcribes any voicemail I receive to SMS and Gmail.
  4. Google — made for mobile
    Google — made for mobile Search your entire phone (email and bookmarks included)! Super handy if you can't remember if you got a text message or an email about a certain topic.
  5. Google Play Books
    Google Play Books Nothing like having a whole library (or more!) of books at your fingertips. I am an avid reader and I have many younger kids in my life that love hearing stories as well. Now I never have to lug around all those odd sized kids books, they are all on my phone - pictures and all!
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