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My Favorite Android Apps for Hong Kong, China  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: I am planning a trip to China and these apps are helping my figure out what's best to see and do in Hong Kong - and how to get around without speaking the language.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. HK Flight Info
    HK Flight Info This is an excellent free flight info app for Hong Kong International Airport. The app works in English and Chinese and has flights for the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Allows search by flight number or city name - and has ALL the information about every flight, (type of airplane, actual arrival time, touchdown time, departure time, and you can set notifications for flight status changes. Useful!
  2. StudioKUMA Hong Kong BusInfo
    StudioKUMA Hong Kong BusInfo This bus info app for Hong Kong has information and routes for KMB, NWFB, and CTB routes. You can plan routes (using GPS if you like). Very useful, in Chinese and English.
  3. MyObservatory (我的天文台)
    MyObservatory (我的天文台) This is an excellent weather app in Chinese and English for Hong Kong. It has forecasts, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind dir./speed, photos from weather stations, astronomical and tide info, satellite, radar - and more! Excellent interface! Sadly, it only works on Android 2.1 devices.
  4. Useful Numbers - Hong Kong
    Useful Numbers - Hong Kong This app has a lot of useful telephone numbers for the city of Hong Kong - in English. It has commonly used numbers, government numbers, complaints, emergency, etc.
  5. AG Hong Kong Newspapers FREE
    AG Hong Kong Newspapers FREE This app aggregates English and Chinese news about Hong Kong from an impressive list of local, national, and international news sources. You can add newspapers to the list and customize what you see in many cool ways. Very useful!
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