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My Favorite Android Apps for Denver, Colorado  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: Colorado is a beautiful state and the most healthy in the USA! I use these apps when I visit Denver.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Denver RTD: AnyStop
    Denver RTD: AnyStop This is an app with the routes and times for Denver public transport - no maps, no route planning. Also no light rail - so not particularly useful.
  2. FOX 31 News Denver
    FOX 31 News Denver This is the Fox news app for Denver. Easy to use UI - latest headline news and also local news. Not much depth to the stories though - best for just keeping up with the headlines.
  3. 7NEWS – Denver
    7NEWS – Denver This is the best app for Denver news, content-wise. It has constantly updated news content, weather, sports, flight tracker, horoscopes, lottery results, local movietimes, local cheap gas prices, and more. Recommend.
  4. Denver Parcel App
    Denver Parcel App This app lets you know where your property begins and another person's ends. It has parcel boundaries and property information for Denver - and the parcels are visible using augmented reality. Highly useful if you are in real estate or buying in Denver or just curious.
  5. TransitGuru Denver RTD Rail
    TransitGuru Denver RTD Rail This app costs $1.99 and has light rail transit info for Denver. Has a map, route planning (also works offline), scheduling (also available offline), and more. Would be nice if it also included the bus info.
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