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Social Networking  by kt217

kt217 says: These are apps I have and use with social networking.
kt217's picks
  1. TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)
    TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) My number one twitter app! I can keep track of my own tweets, my friends tweets and I can follow a trending topic with a nice overlook.
  2. fS
    fS, for all those who always wanted to ask me something but didn't have the guts - on the go!
  3. Foursquare — Best City Guide
    Foursquare — Best City Guide A nice app to see who's around.
  4. MSN Droid
    MSN Droid A nice MSN app to keep in touch. It crashes from time to time, but otherwise an ok app.
  5. Tumblr
    Tumblr Maybe not social networking, but still definately a nice app for people with Tumblr.
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