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Photography!  by kt217

kt217 says: Picture apps!
kt217's picks
  1. FxCamera - a free camera app
    FxCamera - a free camera app A nice camera app that can give your photo for example the pinch of summer.
  2. Retro Camera
    Retro Camera Gives your camera a nice touch of vintage.
  3. PicSay - Photo Editor
    PicSay - Photo Editor Nice for the small (and some bigger) touches on your photo!
  4. Vignette・photo effects
    Vignette・photo effects It has a lot (!) of options for editing your photos into the vintage look.
  5. roidizer
    roidizer Android meets Polaroid!
  6. Photo Wonder – Photo Editor
    Photo Wonder – Photo Editor Quite a picture editor. From contrasts to better skin and making yourself look slimmer!
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