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Apps I can't wait to try out on my Galaxy Tab 10.1  by LadyX

LadyX says: I pre-ordered my Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the 8th and I've been scouring the internet for apps that I should try out when I receive my new toy.
LadyX's picks
  1. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse This app is a web aggregate, showing the top stories on the web at any given moment in a clean and fun interface. Basically it's a window full of picture tiles where you can tap on the picture and get a more in-depth view of the story.
  2. Google Body
    Google Body I love the human body, and this app will show me all the insides! Now the next time someone asks me where the Ulnar nerve is, I won't be stuck staring at them.
  3. Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite
    Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite I haven't tried this out on my HTC EVO yet because I always have my laptop with me. With my new Galaxy Tab I can't wait to see just how useful this app is.
  4. Glympse - Share GPS location
    Glympse - Share GPS location This app is a proximity sharing app without all the hassle of signing up for a service or sending an email invite for your friends to sign up as well. It looks pretty simple - just find your location via GPS and send the location via email, SMS, or update your Facebook status.
  5. DrawFree - Honeycomb Tablet
    DrawFree - Honeycomb Tablet One of the perks of buying a tablet is letting my little cousin draw her heart out on my tablet. DrawFree is one of the apps that I hear a lot of good things about and I can't wait to try it out myself.
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