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Soccer, I hardly knew her!  by diablolita

diablolita says: My niece play soccer and I'm trying to gain an appreciation for the game. These apps are helping.
diablolita's picks
  1. Soccer Scores Pro - FotMob
    Soccer Scores Pro - FotMob This app costs US$2.49 and is a great app with soccer scores (live scores and match stats, tables, fixtures, news, top scores, and more!). It has coverage of almost every league out there. Very detailed. UI a little clunky.
  2. Soccer
    Soccer This is a very simple soccer game. If you can't get out there and play - this is the next best thing!
  3. World Cup Soccer Feed
    World Cup Soccer Feed This is the app to have during the World Cup. It's free - and gives you the latest news, score data, and schedule for the World Cup.
  4. Football Quiz
    Football Quiz This app will test your soccer knowledge. Great range of questions, but it isn't formatted correctly for my phone - doesn't fit on the screen.
  5. Soccer Facts
    Soccer Facts This US$0.99 app has facts about soccer and FIFA. It has FIFA history, structure, awards, criticism, tournaments, and sponsors as well as information about the game of soccer. All info available offline.



This is the best football app -

it plays your team song when they score.
it plays from all cell phones together!!!

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