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Kurt's Favorite Apps  by LadyX

LadyX says: Kurt is an old friend of mine and is a native Seattlite just like me. I asked him what his favorite apps are and why he liked them and decided to curate an app list for him.
LadyX's picks
  1. TuneIn Radio - Radio & Music
    TuneIn Radio - Radio & Music This app has literally hundreds of radio stations, including news like NPR!
  2. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse Great news aggregation in a simple to use and clean interface.
  3. Business Calendar Pro
    Business Calendar Pro This calendar is just like the one you have in Outlook but on your phone, optimized for touch and an immediate replacement for the built in less than awesome Android calendar.
  4. My Coffee Card
    My Coffee Card Pay for Starbucks with your phone? Awesome!
  5. Music Box
    Music Box MP3 Downloads with preview capabilities. Great for finding that song stuck in your head!
  6. Free App of Today
    Free App of Today Tons of new paid apps and games for free.. great for finding new and awesome apps.
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