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Ticketpalooza  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: These apps will help you track down the tickets you need to the movies/events/concerts you want to see.
jelagasse's picks
  1. StubHub - Event tickets
    StubHub - Event tickets You're a rabid Gaga fan, and alas little monster, tickets are sold out. This is when you can hit stub hub, and buy tickets directly from other users for a (probably inflated) price. It's a great option for something you really want to do that sells out fast.
  2. Fandango Movies
    Fandango Movies If you're familiar with the full website, then you have an idea of what the app does-allows you to search for movies, watch trailers, and buy tickets ahead of time (a great option if you're seeing something that's likely to sell out and you want to lock in your time without schlepping all the way to the theatre).
  3. tkts
    tkts tkts is a NYC institution, with up to date listings of all the on and off broadway shows. It will also let you know which shows are being offered at often steep discounts at all three NYC tkts booths.
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