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A Night Out...on a Budget  by MikaelaLynn

MikaelaLynn says: As a student living in a big city, it's important to know how to have fun without spending all my money. These apps help me do just that...
MikaelaLynn's picks
  1. Tip Calculator
    Tip Calculator This little app has saved me so much headache. Going out with friends is a joy...splitting the bill, however, is not. With this app you can input the total amount of the bill, add the percentage of tip you'd like to leave, and even split the check among your friends! I won't go to a restaurant without it!
  2. Mint: Personal Finance & Money
    Mint: Personal Finance & Money Before I go on a shopping spree, I like to check and see exactly how much I can spend without breaking the bank. This app shows me at a glance how my finances are, from bank accounts to loans, to credit cards! A one stop shop!
  3. Discount Calculator
    Discount Calculator This handy little app helps you know exactly how much of a discount that 13% off coupon is giving you, without taxing your brain!
  4. Groupon - Shop Deals & Coupons
    Groupon - Shop Deals & Coupons This app is my new best friend. I am alerted every day of new and exciting things to do around me, all at a discounted price!
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