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Favorite Sexual Position Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I have never used a sex position guide until I started using them on my phone because the phone is usually handy whereas getting out of bed or leaving the backseat or whatnot to go look at a book or a website is not realistic. Here are some of my favorite guides.
diablolita's picks
  1. iKamasutra Sex Positions
    iKamasutra Sex Positions This full version of this app costs US2.99. It is an illustrated guide to sex positions with hundreds of positions. It has some great functions for searching, sorting, and tracking - and it rates the positions according to intimacy, complexity, strength levels, etc. Recommend.
  2. Sex Positions
    Sex Positions This free illustrated guide can be used offline - it has over 100 sex positions.
  3. Kamasutra Sex Positions
    Kamasutra Sex Positions This app has hundreds of illustrated sex positions which it lets you rate. You can search by name or within categories.
  4. Cosmo Sex Position of the Day
    Cosmo Sex Position of the Day This app from Cosmo isn't wort the US$2.99 - it's all flash and no substance. Needs WAY more content!
  5. Sex Positions (lite) Kamasutra
    Sex Positions (lite) Kamasutra This app is very simple and has 140 illustrated sex positions. You can tag your favorites and see how many you've done, as well as share positions with friends.
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