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Mami List  by diablolita

diablolita says: This list is for the moms!
diablolita's picks
  1. MomnMom baby - Free
    MomnMom baby - Free This free app helps with parenting! It lets you take pictures and notes and store them in a diary to track your kid's growth. Also lets you track their eating, elimination, sleep, and medicine and lets you set an alarm for those. Plus gives access to an online community of other moms. Neat tool.
  2. Baby ESP
    Baby ESP This app costs US$4.99 and lets you track your baby's eating, sleep, diaper changes, baths, medicines, and more. You can track multiple kids and access the records/app easily with a widget. You can also sync the data with another phone so that both mom and dad can keep track!
  3. Mom's Shopping List
    Mom's Shopping List This is the simplest possible shopping list with pre-existing icons that you drag onto a list. Needs more items/icons.
  4. Where is My Kid? Wife? Mom?
    Where is My Kid? Wife? Mom? This app is for tracking the location of your kids. It doesn't work well enough to be reliable.
  5. PixeBaby: For Baby Photos
    PixeBaby: For Baby Photos This $0.99 app is a great way to share photos of your baby. You can automatically make collages and set the app to share instantly as soon as you snap the photo.
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