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School!  by kt217

kt217 says: I'm a 17 year old student in a gymnasium.. These are the tools I use when in school!
kt217's picks
  1. Opera Mini
    Opera Mini Internet! When not bringing my laptop, I need this extremely for checking where I need to be next, and for checking up on info in class.
  2. Dropbox
    Dropbox For moving stuff from my laptop to the schools computers to print out. OR to move stuff from my phone or to my computer.
  3. OliveOfficeBasic
    OliveOfficeBasic It's Word. Excel. Powerpoint. AND FREE! not the best of design, but it works ok.
  4. French Verb Conjugator
    French Verb Conjugator For those French Verbs you'll never get the hang off, here's the perfect app!
  5. PDF Reader
    PDF Reader For the busplans or the documents the teacher sent in PDF. Quite useful!
  6. Google Translate
    Google Translate For the foreign language, you're learning.. Sometimes you don't understand the word, so you just run it through here and you get it! It's so simple.
  7. HanDy Calc
    HanDy Calc Sometimes you just can't do math in your head. And you were so smart to forget the calculator at home. This covers a lot of it!
  8. uNote
    uNote Simple notes, until they release OneNote for HTC Wildfire.
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