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Conversion made easy  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: I'm abroad right now, and so I'm constantly switching between metric and standard, euros and dollars, etc. These tools help me make sense of the flurry of numbers.
jelagasse's picks
  1. Currency Converter
    Currency Converter You get your bill for dinner, and your total is 40. You think "Well, that's not so bad!" Until you remember you're in London, and 40 pounds is actually 65.51 american. And how did I do that math so fast? With currency converter!
  2. ConvertDroid
    ConvertDroid So many conversions for SO MANY THINGS. Even things you might never need to convert, but you'll be qble to just in case!
  3. EZ Converter - (Sale)
    EZ Converter - (Sale) This is another good conversion app that is maybe a little less expansive than convert droid, and so (for some) more user friendly.
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