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Sport Savvy  by MikaelaLynn

MikaelaLynn says: I just don't always have time to watch my favorite sporting events, but a girl's gotta keep up with the stats! Here's how I do it!
MikaelaLynn's picks
  1. At Bat Lite At Bat Lite This app gives the down and dirty at a glance. I know who's playing who, what the score is, and what each team's standing is. Perfection!
  2. Yahoo Sports
    Yahoo Sports With this app I can choose my sporting event, and see what's happing at the moment! I can switch between sports to track my favorite teams. A one stop shop!
  3. ESPN
    ESPN With ESPN, I can choose which teams I want to follow, and the app keeps me up to date with games, stats, etc.
  4. theScore: Sports & Scores
    theScore: Sports & Scores With ScoreMobile you can choose what sport you want to check in on, and it gives you all the games currently in play, and the score. Dozens of professional sports to choose from!
  5. Instant Heart Rate
    Instant Heart Rate I don't know about you, but keeping up with my favorite sporting teams can set my heart a-gallop. This app uses your phone's camera to track your heart rate! Seriously, it works!
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