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My Favorite Android Apps for Aspen, Colorado  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: I love Aspen! I love to ski! These apps are skiriffic.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Aspen Times Mobile Local News
    Aspen Times Mobile Local News Get all the breaking news and local news about Aspen on your phone for free. Weather, sports, and more. Doesn't work when phone is horizontal.
  2. Jelly Bean Skiing Powder Pro
    Jelly Bean Skiing Powder Pro This costs $1.99 and is a bunch of beautiful ski photos. Has a lot of famous spots, including Aspen.
  3. Gps Ski Maps USA/CAN ALL Res.
    Gps Ski Maps USA/CAN ALL Res. This app costs $29.99 and has offline ski trail maps for all of the ski resorts in the US and Canada. Highly useful!!!!! Uses GPS to plot your location. Still - ski safe!
    LAKE TAHOE VISITORS GUIDE This app is free, it has info on shops, entertainment, restaurants and more in Aspen. Nothing you couldn't find online.
  5. Aspen PowderGuide
    Aspen PowderGuide This free app has info on weather and skiing conditions and also info on Aspen off the slopes - restaurants, shopping, nightlife, etc. Includes live cams of the slopes.
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