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Top 5 Best Graduation Party Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I have graduated 7 times. Been through a lot of school. I am a graduation party pro at this point.
diablolita's picks
  1. School's Out!
    School's Out! This app counts down to the end of the period, school day, semester, lunch, and 3 events you can set yourself (prom night!). There's a lot of custom features and you can countdown to multiple times at once.
  2. My Graduation Photo
    My Graduation Photo This is a frame for your graduation photo - it just says "My Graduation" across the bottom. Not the greatest - but gets the point across.
  3. Spin the bottle (make rules)
    Spin the bottle (make rules) If you want to play "spin the bottle" but are missing a bottle - this is the app for you. Bring a new spin on an old classic at the party.
  4. Party & Drinking Games
    Party & Drinking Games This app has hundreds of party and drinking games with rules and easy instructions. You can SMS or email them too.
  5. Party Light Free
    Party Light Free This is a fun app that turns your phone into a lighting accessory for the party. It's got 7 themes and includes a strobe.
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