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Top 5 Best Graduation Party Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I have graduated 7 times. Been through a lot of school. I am a graduation party pro at this point.
diablolita's picks
  1. School's Out!
    School's Out! This app counts down to the end of the period, school day, semester, lunch, and 3 events you can set yourself (prom night!). There's a lot of custom features and you can countdown to multiple times at once.
  2. My Graduation Photo
    My Graduation Photo This is a frame for your graduation photo - it just says "My Graduation" across the bottom. Not the greatest - but gets the point across.
  3. Spin the bottle (make rules)
    Spin the bottle (make rules) If you want to play "spin the bottle" but are missing a bottle - this is the app for you. Bring a new spin on an old classic at the party.
  4. Party & Drinking Games
    Party & Drinking Games This app has hundreds of party and drinking games with rules and easy instructions. You can SMS or email them too.
  5. Party Light - Free
    Party Light - Free This is a fun app that turns your phone into a lighting accessory for the party. It's got 7 themes and includes a strobe.
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