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Stuff I like and You probably won't  by babydoll25

babydoll25 says: Do you really care? Didn't think so...
babydoll25's picks
  1. Superuser Elite
    Superuser Elite Cuz you need this and I think you know why... ;)
  2. ROM Manager (Premium)
    ROM Manager (Premium) Another one I know I need. Do you?
  3. Titanium Backup ★ root
    Titanium Backup ★ root Backup. I think that says it all
  4. ADW Blue Fusion Theme
    ADW Blue Fusion Theme Home Replacement, duh
  5. LPP info
    LPP info Another fave home replacement... Has themes that match the T-mobile theme engine...
  6. WidgetLocker Lockscreen
    WidgetLocker Lockscreen Customizable Lockscreen Replacement
  7. Lightning Bug - Jungle Pack
    Lightning Bug - Jungle Pack A sound machine that helps me sleep... Has plug ins you can buy to add infinite possibilities
  8. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
    Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Epic music player
  9. Voodoo Sound Plus
    Voodoo Sound Plus You need this... you should know why
  10. XDA Premium
    XDA Premium My home and favorite forum



Great list of apps, Im downloading a couple now to try out! Thanks!

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