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Let's go camping!  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: These apps will help you when you're planning a trek out into the wilderness. Cause, as much as I love the city, we all need to escape sometimes.
jelagasse's picks
  1. Camping Trip Planner
    Camping Trip Planner There's nothing worse than being 4 hours away from home only to realize that you've forgotten something important. This has a pre-loaded inventory of all the things you could possibly need for a foray into the wild. You can tailor the lists to reflect the kind of equipment you need for your trip, and check things off as you pack them.
  2. Waypoint Free
    Waypoint Free This app lets you plot multiple "waypoints" (ie-where you parked your car, where you set up camp, where your favorite hiking trail starts). It can also display them on a map, and can even alert you when you are within a certain distance of your destination.
  3. Army Survival Guide
    Army Survival Guide It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency, and depending on the general ruggedness level of the trip you have planned, it can never hurt to have this offline accessible guide on tap.
  4. WeatherBug
    WeatherBug A good weather app can help you make sure you pack appropriately, and don't freeze/melt/etc on the road.



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