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Work it on out  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: While I work with an awesome trainer once a week, I have to motivate myself to get out there and work the other 6 days. These apps can help!
jelagasse's picks
  1. My Tracks
    My Tracks Are you a runner, a walker, a power-walker, or just intimidated by the thought of hopping on a treadmill? This is a great app that uses google maps to help you plan a walking/running route. My favorite aspect of this app is that it helps you keep track of average speed as well as the elevation you climb on your chosen route. The more you run, the more you generate statistics that help you visually see your progress.
  2. Instant Heart Rate
    Instant Heart Rate The free version of this app will allow you to easily measure your heart rate by using the lens of your camera as a monitor. The paid version has additional features that allow you to store and share your heart rate over time, so if that appeals to you, spring for the paid version.
  3. BodyFitness
    BodyFitness What I like about this app are the pictures and explanations of the different exercises. One of the dangers of working out on your own is the risk of doing an exercise incorrectly, and injuring yourself, so being clear about how to do these workouts is key. I also recommend this app because of the variety of exercise and work out plans it provides, including yoga poses!
  4. Multi Reps
    Multi Reps I also like this app for helping to generate an independent workout plan, and has the added benefit of timing your sets and beeping to let you know when to start and stop your rest periods. It can also post reminders for you to help keep you on track with your workout plan.
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