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Efficient and Easy Apps  by simplyapplied

simplyapplied says: Sharing apps to help contribute to the community
simplyapplied's picks
  1. Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)
    Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) Very efficient way to follow tweets, retweet, and message others. It's fast, slick, well designed, and functional. Nice url shortening integration.
  2. NewsRoom - RSS News Reader
    NewsRoom - RSS News Reader Convenient way to view multiple RSS feeds from one central panel. Great interface is smooth and intuitive.
  3. Quote Pro
    Quote Pro Great way to quickly check how your stocks are doing. Simply, light, and efficient, this app shows you what you want to know in a glance. Nice integration with yahoo finance for charts and other information.
  4. AK Notepad
    AK Notepad Great notepad app is sleek and intuitive. Has a great feature set without being bloated.
  5. RoadSync Full Version Key
    RoadSync Full Version Key Light and efficient Microsoft Exchange client. Pushes email immediately. Works virtually flawlessly.
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