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London Calling  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: London is amazing. But it can also be a little overwhelming and confusing. Here are some travel apps to help you navigate the city known as the "big smoke" (I didn't make that up, I promise!)
jelagasse's picks
  1. Currency Converter
    Currency Converter If there's one thing every vacation has in common, it's this: you are going to spend money. So eliminate the mental math, and pop the price tags into this currency calculator for an easy answer
  2. HopStop Transit Directions Map
    HopStop Transit Directions Map As a NYer, I use hopstop all the time to navigate the NYC metro system. But even NYC has nothing on London in terms of the complexity and size of it's metro network. Use this app to help get you from point a to b with little to no fuss.
  3. London Guide
    London Guide This is a good start to help get you in touch with all the great events and activities london has to offer.
  4. Tube Map London Underground
    Tube Map London Underground Just in case you need a little extra help orienting yourself, this map should do the trick. Nothing screams "tourist" like a giant fold out metro map, so if you want to play it cool, sneak a peek and orient yourself right on your smartphone.
  5. British Vocabulary Quiz
    British Vocabulary Quiz This is a fun way to make sure you know your aubergines from your courgettes by the time you land at Heathrow
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