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Top 5 Android Easter Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I haven't much celebrated Easter since I was a kid, but had to put together a celebration this year - I used these apps to help me have ideas!
diablolita's picks
  1. Easter Egg Paint
    Easter Egg Paint This free, simple, fun app allows you to paint a virtual easter egg and either set it as wallpaper, post it on Facebook, or email it! Easy UI, kid-friendly.
  2. Easter Smiles Live Wallpaper
    Easter Smiles Live Wallpaper This is a very cute and pretty collection of over 20 easter-themed wallpapers. It will change the wallpaper on your phone every 5 minutes, so always something new to see. Kid-safe.
  3. Easter Day Cards
    Easter Day Cards This app is easy to use and cute. It has 25 templates that you can customize to make your own Easter cards. You can also add your own photos and share via email, facebook, twitter, etc. Kid-safe.
  4. Easter Countdown
    Easter Countdown Cute Easter app that counts down the days to Easter. Kid-friendly.
  5. Easter Egg Matcher Free
    Easter Egg Matcher Free This free app is a nice-looking, easy Easter game that has you match Easter eggs in rows and once you get 3 in a row it disappears (a la Bejeweled). Kid-friendly.
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