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Easter App Games  by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Here are some of your favorite games glorified by Easter
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. Bubble Blast Easter
    Bubble Blast Easter It's just like your original bubble blaster game only with easter eggs. You have the option of playing the puzzle mode or the arcade mode. The purpose of the game is to angle your egg to trigger an chain reaction to hit all bubbles.
  2. Chocolate Easter Bunnies Live
    Chocolate Easter Bunnies Live The chocolate easter bunny live wallpaper has more settings than you can imagine. There are many different bunny themes and you can customize your texts (ie words, size and color). This app will leave you amused and wanting chocolate
  3. Easter Egg Paint
    Easter Egg Paint This app lets you create easter greeting cards on your phone to send to friends and family.
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